Child Custody & Visitation in Parsippany, NJ

Resolving Child Custody or Visitation Disputes

At the Law Offices of Marc P. Feldman, we know that the issue of child custody can be financially and emotionally exhausting. It is crucial that the lawyer you choose to represent you in your divorce or paternity action is knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate in resolving child custody and visitation issues.

At the Law Offices of Marc P. Feldman,, we are sensitive to the emotional stresses caused by custody issues. We will always prioritize your goals and your children’s best interests when handling a child custody dispute. Attorney Feldman can provide you with the guidance and advice you need to resolve your child custody matter expediently and in your best interest.

Minimizing the Effect of Divorce on Children

The break up of the family is difficult for children and their parents, even in the best of circumstances. It can be especially traumatic if the parents use the children to get back at the other spouse, or involve the children in a contentious fight over who will have custody.

Our firm often recommends that divorcing couples use collaborative law to resolve child custody and other issues in their divorce. Collaborative law can help parents peacefully resolve disputes without the expense, delay, and stress of divorce-related litigation. If your dispute cannot be resolved through collaboration or negotiation, Attorney Feldman is fully prepared to litigate your custody case in family court.

Attorney Feldman would be happy to discuss with you any of the following custody matters:

  • Physical Custody: Physical custody relates to where the child resides. One parent may be designated as the primary residential parent or the parents may share physical custody.
  • Legal Custody: Legal custody is a question of which parent has responsibility for major decisions affecting the welfare of the child, including education, religion and medical treatment.
  • Parenting Time: Parenting time (otherwise known as visitation) sets forth the time each parent will spend with the child or children based on the best interest of the children.
  • Child Support: We can explain how child support is calculated under the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines and how custody and visitation may influence support payments.
  • Child Custody Modifications When circumstances change after a divorce, a parent may ask the court to change the custody or visitation orders in the original divorce decree.
  • Parenting plans: These are detailed arrangements between the parties to protect the custody rights of each parent and to minimize future conflicts.
  • Moves and Child Relocation: If you or your child’s other parent is seeking to relocate after a divorce, we can help you protect your interests and the interests of your child. In New Jesey, the parent seeking to move with the child has the burden of showing that the move is in the child’s best interests.

If you need assistance with a child custody dispute, contact the Law Offices of Marc P. Feldman at 973-267-7555. We would be happy to meet with you regarding your case and provide you with an assessment.