Uncontested Divorce in Parsippany, NJ

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Divorce Lawyer Marc P. Feldman understands that no two divorces are identical and that some case will be easier than others. Any divorce can go smoothly providing the key players have the right mindset, and this is where an uncontested divorce comes in.

Nobody understands your marriage better than you do, and if you believe that you and your spouse can resolve your differences amicably, and it you want a simpler divorce, an uncontested divorce may be just right for you.

No matter which direction your divorce takes, divorce and family law attorney Marc P. Feldman will protect your rights and guide you ever step of the way.

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Understanding Uncontested Divorce

In a nutshell, an uncontested divorce is one where the spouses are able to reach an agreement over major issues in the divorce, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Property Division
  • Debt Division

Divorce is rarely easy, and when spouses decide early on to work out their differences, the process is usually less stressful, it will move faster through the courts, and it will cost less than a full blown court battle.

In New Jersey, an uncontested divorce also known as is an uncontested dissolution of marriage can obtain an uncontested divorce if:

  • You or your spouse has lived in New Jersey for 12 months.
  • The marriage is irretrievable broken,
  • You and your spouse agree on how to resolve issues pertaining to child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division, and debt division.

Entering Into a Settlement Agreement

In order to complete your uncontested divorce, you and your spouse will need to enter into a divorce settlement agreement, which will detail exactly how you and your spouse will resolve all of your divorce-related issues, including child custody, alimony, and property division.

There are many emotional and financial advantages to an uncontested divorce. Not only is staying out of court a major advantage of an uncontested divorce, but for couples with kids, an uncontested divorce helps minimize the impact that divorce has on children.

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